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  • Branding & Communication

    Clear messages build strong brands
  • Strategic Planning

    Solid plans for sales and growth
  • Internet Marketing

    Get more traffic, leads and sales
Corporate Communications

Branding & Communications

Connect with your audience and stand out from competitors, with Branding, PR, Website Copy and more.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Get a customized and adjustable integrated marketing plan designed to meet your goals.

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

Get more traffic, leads and sales with SEO, PPC, Social Media, Content Marketing and on-site conversions.

Marketing Agency

On-Call Marketing Services

Use our on-call marketing services to get more traffic, leads and sales!

Small Business Marketing Agency

Use us as a full service marketing department – for research, planning and execution – or hire us for specific marketing strategies like SEO or a social media marketing plan.

We’re a team of marketing strategists, copywriters, graphic designers and internet marketing experts available on a full time or project basis.

Custom Marketing Plans

All marketing starts with your business objectives in mind. We customize your marketing plan to meet your goals. You’ll get an integrated approach that unites all your marketing efforts to maximize your goals.

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Strategic Planning

Based on research and your objectives we create a strategic marketing plan that’s effective, flexible and most importantly designed to deliver on your goals.

Strategic Planning includes:

  • Target and market research
  • Objective setting
  • Strategy recommendations and execution, both online and offline
  • Results tracking and refinement

Internet Marketing Consultants

We can create an integrated internet marketing plan using tools such as Local Marketing, Social Media, Content and Email Marketing and AdWords (pay-per-click) that works together to bring you traffic and sales.  And we’ll revisit your website and landing pages to be sure your traffic converts!

Internet Marketing tactics:

Communications and Branding

We’ll help you create a unique and powerful identity that makes you stand out from the competition and creates a powerful impression with your audience. We’ll help you build on that identity by creating communications materials that back up your brand and message.

Branding and Communication examples:

  • Press releases
  • Website copy
  • Taglines and logos
  • Sales support materials – one-sheets and brochures

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About Right Hand Planning

Right Hand Planning is a Los Angeles-based online marketing firm, SEO agency and small business marketing consultants offering strategic planning advice and online marketing services  for growing companies in LA and across the US.