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Small Business Internet Marketing

Do These Sound Familiar?

  • “I do a little online marketing, but would like to have a more focused effort”
  • “My site used to rank well in the search results but now my competitors are outranking me”
  • “I’ve heard I should use Facebook, SEO, and blogging, but are those the best choices for my type of business?”
  • “I want someone to create an internet marketing plan and teach me to run it myself”
  • “I get sales calls about getting onto Google but don’t know if those services are safe or effective”
  • “I know I need to do more internet marketing, but I don’t know where to start”

If these comments reflect your concerns, we can help you by setting up a sensible and effective internet marketing plan for your business.

Integrated Marketing Plans

Right Hand Planning is a small business internet marketing firm in Los Angeles.

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Internet Marketing Plans and Marketing Services

Use our internet marketing plans and internet marketing services to bring your business ongoing traffic and sales.

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Customer Testimonials and Reviews


“Pete’s vast knowledge of how to improve rankings has helped our website,, improve its relevancy vis a vis the major search engines, and in particular Google.”

- Sebastian Harrison, Owner Cellular Abroad

Right Hand Planning Testimonials

Increase Your Traffic, Leads And Sales

Ongoing benefits of an integrated internet marketing plan:

  • Develop multiple sources of incoming traffic
  • Convert passing visitors into a profitable customer base
  • Resell, upsell and have brand advocates give word-of-mouth referrals

Internet Marketing Plans

Based on your goals we integrate internet marketing tools such as Local Marketing, Social Media, Email Marketing and AdWords (pay-per-click) into a customized marketing plan to bring you traffic and sales.

Right Hand Planning delivers strategic internet marketing solutions that go beyond basic SEO. We believe the goal of an SEO campaign should be more than just an increase in traffic, it should be an increase in sales.

On-Call Marketing Department

Right Hand Planning is an on-call marketing service for busy small businesses. We help you develop and execute effective internet marketing plans without the expense of a full time marketing staff.

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